Web Design by Akisbar The ALSTE Ltd. founded in 2005 in Athens by Stefanos Stamatelopoulos and Alexandros Kyprianos, Civil Engineers. It is staffed by experienced engineers eager to work and create.  The objective of the company is the construction, reconstruction, supervision and management (Construction Management) of building as well as  electromechanical projects.  The company's aim is the better, cheaper and faster implementation of projects.  It has won the confidence of a large number of customers (individuals and institutions).    “GALINOS” Medical Center New “Galinos” Medical Center at 277-279 Ymittos Ave. Athens (7 floor with two basements). Construction of projects   with the “Key in hand" method. New maisonette at Pallini, Attica. (9A Archimidous Str.) © ALSTE L.T.D.  2017