Web Design by Akisbar Page 1 of 1 1. New 'GALINOS' Medical Center on 277-279 Ymittos Ave. (7-storey apartment building with two basements) 2. New 5-storey apartment building with two basements on Saronikou & K. Paxinou Str. in Marousi, Athens 3. New 5-storey apartment building on 10 Antheon Str., Alsoupolis N. Ionia, Athens 4. Renovation of 10th-11th-12th floors at the ATRINA Building on 32 Kifisias Ave., Marousi, Athens 5. New maisonette on 9A Archimidus Str., Pallini, Attica 6. New maisonete with pool on Dorieon Str., Drafi, Attica 7. Replacement of boilers of the EUROBANK PROPERTIES Complex, 6 Siniossoglou Str., N. Ionia, Athens 8. Construction of metal staircase of the PLAZA EUROBANK PROPERTIES Complex, 117 Kifissias Ave., Marousi, Athens 9. Full reconstruction of three pharmacies in Athens (15 Filolaou Str., Pagrati), (19 Anapafseos Str., Peristeri) and (N.Elvetias Str., Vyronas) 10. Renovation of offices of company MOD SA Athens (3 & 5 Mitropoleos Str., 10 Nikis Str., 28 Petrakis Str., Deligiorgi 9 & Agisilaou Str.) 11. Exterior renovation of multi-storey apartment building on 4 Skopelou Str., Saronida Attica 12. Full reconstruction of maisonette on 6 Arethousis Str., Vouliagmeni, Attica 13. Construction of office building of EUROSTAR company, Athens 14. Exterior renovation of the EUROBANK Bank on Voukourestiou Str., Athens 15. Construction of the ”'EVEREST'' restaurant in the lounge of the airport of Rhodes Island 16. Construction of the ”'EVEREST'' restaurant in the lounge of the airport of Corfu Island © ALSTE L.T.D.  2017 Click on the icon            next to each project to see photos of the project