About us

ALSTE ltd. constructs, renovates, upgrades, consults since 2005. Then, it was founded by S.N.Stamatelopoulos and A.Kyprianos both Civil Engineers, NTUA.The projects it undertakes the last 15 years are the majority buildings (houses,offices) public and private.

Apart from self financed projects for selling and renovations, the company has been entangled also with Public works all over Greece.

Its’ clients Regions, Municipalities, Hospitals, Armed Forces, but also European Union Bodies (MOD SA).

The great experience of ALSTE ltd is also proved by its owners’ Construction Certificates (4th class), which are the highest possible in the Public Sector.ALSTE aims at consistency, quality and aesthetic showing great respect to its clients’ capitals, trying to offer valuable services.

Apart from the others, we in ALSTE show great interest in difficult projects, which are delivered with safety, quickly and complying with the financial and technical commitments of our offers.